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#018 May birthday special

Hello everyone!
I'm sorry for not having updated with new layouts for a while!
This time, there are three layouts for the may birthday special. They show: Ohkura Tadayoshi, Yokoyama You & Koyama Keiichiro!
All scans are from Vendy's blog.

{ Rules:
# Credit me either in the sidebar or userinfo with cinnamonstarr or signofdream
# Do no claim any graphics as made by yourself!
Simple as always! Leaving a comment if you take one of the graphics would be nice

{ Introduction for the layouts: here

Feel free to ask further questions, I'm going to give my best to answer them.
Click on the picture for a bigger preview!

#001 { 1984.05.01 Koyama Keiichiro

Download link: here
Scan: Potato 2009-06

#002 { 1981.05.09 Yokoyama Yu

Download link: here
Scan: Duet 2009-07

#003 { 1985.05.16 Ohkura Tadayoshi

Download link: here
Scan: Duet 2009-07

A happy (belated) birthday to these three!
I haven't decided yet who is going to be in the June special :D

Thanks a lot for looking at my graphics and feel free to join or watch signofdream  if you liked these graphics!
This entry will be members only in a week!
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#008 { How to install layout & questions post

This post includes a detailed explanation how to use a layout and it's also the place where you can ask question if problems regarding the layout occur.

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{ Questions:
001: The advertisment is in the sidebar, how do I remove it?
 # go to Select journal Style and switch the "Ad Placement:" option to "Horizontal". Now it will be over the header!

002: The header won't show up? How does this come?
 # Try uploading on, it most likely work then!

003: I chose a layout without sidebar but it looks weird, what should I do?
#Go to the Sidebar-section and change all options to "no" and it will look normal.

Feel free to ask further questions regarding the use of layouts here♥
I will re-post them here and they'll may be help for others in the future as well :3

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#005 { Affiliates }

Please leave a comment here if you want to affiliate with signofdream ♥

#001: okimiyage 

Artists: kimmyxfleur , kylinkwan , june_natsuyuki , aulxdayz  & stupidfactory 

#002: nantokaa 

Artists: feriin , shizuu , areena_chan  & brosiscomplex 

#003: renanoyume 

Artist: heyly 

#004: saranghaeng 

Artist: me_chinny 

#005: whimsicaltouts 

Artists: iriswee  & rainbowpastels 
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#004 { Requests }

The ones mentioned beneath are the only ones I'll still be working on.
I don't know when I'm going to open requests again.

{ Requests fulfilled / in progress:
001. redeemtheyears  : here (complete)
002. packinguphearts  : here (complete)
003. nana_deluxe  : here (complete)
004. pandagirl939  : here
005. kaos_felida  : CSS only (complete)
006. kwonluver  : NEWS rating stamps (complete)
007. purplelady_fye  : here (complete)
008. iylover  : CSS only here (complete)
009. heyly  : preview made
010. duotiger  : preview made
011. kougazgurl  : header in progress

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#001 { welcome }

Welcome to "Sign of Dream", my graphic community.
I'll currently mostly doing layouts but I'm not limited to these only. You might see "Friends Only"-banners, wallpapers, icons and other graphics as well.
Most graphics will contain idols from Johnnys Entertainment, especially from the group Kanjani8 and NEWS but also other japanese musicians, actors or idols.
I'm open to requests as well so feel free to ask if I could make a layout from artist/actor xy as well :D

The name of the community comes from the song "Sign of dream" from Maruyama Ryuhei from Kanjani8.

Feel free to add this community to see the newest updates
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#000 { resources }

{ Current Layout: Kanjani8 save the earth }
.picture: kanjani8
.texture: I unfortunatly don't know it
.stylesheet: butterflybox
.else? cinnamonstarr

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. samuraiblues
. the_justiner @ cylonish
. viceversus
. yoroshikunippon
. yunhe

. aino-hanako
. anliah
. b3hindhersmil3
. caoticgirl
. chamousy
. DiabolicaRobotica
. crazykira-resources
. hibbary
. leilax
. lookslikerain
. lostinsidethecrowd
. masterjinn
. mrspillowhead
. saerina
. sanami276
. spikesbint
. x-cielogris

        @other pages:
. 99mockingbirds

{ Brushes }
. hanako_lovely
. amethystia100
. lilbrokenangel @DA
. starpollo @DA
. Saerina @DA
. Juuichi

{ Images }
. news_jpop
. kanjani8
. boys_paper
. boku_nari_no
The particular scanneres are named in the post, along with the source of the picture (means which magazine etc.)</div>

~updated 2009.04.05~